Bo's Bar and Grill

I passed by this place on a sunny Saturday afternoon and noticed the packed patio out front.  Looked nice so I turned around and stopped in.  I was surprised by a great and diverse menu with lots of options that looked like trying.  While I stopped to enjoy a drink in the sun, I decided that I had to try one of their great menu offerings.  On Saturday and Sunday they serve brunch until 4:00 pm so I decided on the Breakfast Poutine which is hashbrowns covered in cheese curds, bacon and Italian Sausage and topped with a fried egg, hollandaise sauce and green onions.  What could be better than that?!  Well, after trying it, my answer is . . . not much!!  It was absolutely delicious.  The hollandaise sauce was some of the best I've ever tasted.  The egg was cooked to perfection and the helpings of bacon and sausage were very generous.  The combined flavours made for an excellent dish.  They also had some great specials that you don't see on a lot of menus.  I will definitely be back to try more! 

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The Coffee Cottage

This is a cute, quaint little place in Innisfail.  It really is a cottage and is decorated so cute.  You go from room to room with a couple or a few tables in each room.  There is also a lovely outdoor patio out front to enjoy the nice days.  They have great homemade soups that are flavorful and delicious.  Two people have told me now that their Turkey Basil sandwich is the best but it was sold out when I went so I can't confirm - but being sold out is a good sign!  The prices are incredibly reasonable for fresh homemade soups and sandwiches and the owners are a lovely couple.

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Lokal Kitchen

This is a great restaurant a little off the beaten path in Sylvan Lake.  The menu is great and the food is excellent.  The space is quaint and clean and they have great prices for wine!  It's too bad the location and space doesn't lend itself well to an outdoor patio as I prefer to eat outside as much as possible in the summer months.  My son had the Korean BBQ with Spiced Pork and Bulgogi Beef.  It was absolutely delicious!  Both meats were very tender and tasty.  I had the Risotto with Italian Sausage.  Very tasty!  I will definitely return.  They have take out as well. 

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Are You Serious?!

I was prepared to write another glowing review of one of the few higher end restaurants in Sylvan Lake  - Bravo Gastro - until I went on Wine Wednesday and was served the above.  I've enlarged the picture so that hopefully you can see it well enough to see what it is.  Does it look like a plate of rice to you?  It sure does to me and it tasted like a plate of rice.  I don't complain very often and when I'm unhappy about a meal you mostly just won't hear about it but this was RIDICULOUS!  This was supposed to be Lobster Risotto!  I don't know if I'm more upset being served a dish of rice or that they thought they could insult my intelligence by doing so.  In all fairness, it was the girl's second day there and she clearly did not know what Risotto was (I'm guessing she doesn't have much restaurant experience).  But when she went back to the kitchen with my complaint she returned telling me that she was told that Risotto is a type of rice.  Well, yes, my dear it is, but it's not a plate of minute rice.  It's usually Arborio or another type cooked in a broth to a creamy, delectable consistency . . . oh what's the point. The lobster placed on top was good but, again, no sauce or flavour to be found.  To top it off I ate my "minute rice" with a spoon because the server kept forgetting to bring me a fork.  Earlier I tried to order "blue cheese wings" however when they arrived with a red sauce on them I asked what they were.  She replied they are "blue cheese buffalo wings".  On the menu the blue cheese and the buffalo are on different lines amongst many choices of wings making what I wanted and what I ordered two very different things.  I sent them back and they were removed from my bill.  My rice cost me 1/2 price of the Lobster Risotto dish.  It was not a great night but I do like the owner and many of the girls that work there and there are limited options in Sylvan Lake so I will return and give them another try but I hope for a better night! 


Divots is located at the Innisfail Golf Course. 

Their restaurant, which does look more like a cafeteria than a high end golf club restaurant, has AMAZING food.  I have been there twice now for work related functions and everything has been delicious!  No complaints from the many in our groups.

On my first trip I tried May's special chicken wings - Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Now I know what you are thinking but they were friggin' delicious!  Think peanut satay sauce with a bit of sweet glaze.  So good!!

On my second visit I had the veal cutlet in a red wine gravy.  Well, what else would I have at lunch when I can't have a glass of wine?! It was delicious!!  The sauce was just divine and the veggies and mashed potatoes were so tasty.  The mix of carrots and zucchini were nice and crisp and flavorful.  And this is on their "Lighter Side" menu so I was able to get the smaller portion with just one piece of veal.

And on both visits the service was excellent despite them being very busy with the lunchtime crowd.

Like many other places they have Wine Wednesday.  But get this!  They have bottles for only $15 and glasses for $4!  Friday nights they have a Prime Rib special which is supposed to be very good.  And the drinking water is delicious due to the great water filtration system (thanks to Chris' husband who will never see this but there's the shout out anyways!)

I will be returning often - likely this week for another birthday or going away party!

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China Diner

This used to be Lee Garden.  They have good take out Chinese food and it was quick.  Tasty would good size portions.  The Ginger Chicken and Deep Fried Prawns were particularly good.  Couldn't pay extra and substitute chow mein for rice though which is unfortunate.

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My son came and visited me on Mother's Day so I really wanted to show him around town and take him to some of the great spots in the "booming metropolis of Sylvan Lake" (he laughed at that one!)

We started our day in Sylvan Lake with appies and drinks on the patio of Buckwildz. They have a great patio right across from the lake with a great view.  They have plenty of heaters for those chilly days and colder nights and about four or five tables also have firepits.  Very nice!

We decided we wanted to share a few appetizers and there were many good choices to pick from. We landed on the Wild Boar Wontons, the Lobster Bites and my son ordered the poutine with both the duck and wild boar. Everything looked great and was absolutely delicious!

What an amazing menu.  Definitely not your typical bar food.  They also have amazing drinks as well but they were in the process of changing their menu so my favorite drink is no longer available but I will return soon to check out their new offerings.

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Bo's Bar and Grill

I passed by this place on a sunny Saturday afternoon and noticed the packed patio out front.  Looked nice so I turned around and stoppe...